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SFR Contact: How to Reach the Customer Service in France

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SFR is one of the major French telecom operators, which offers phone, broadband and television bundles. If you live in France and are subscribed, or a thinking of subscribing, to an SFR offer, you may need to contact SFR at one point or another, for queries or assistance.

Contacting SFR: English-speaking support

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If you are looking to reach English-speaking Customer Support, the bad news is that SFR offers only very little options - but all are worth a try.

 There appears to be an SFR English Helpline which can be reached at 1026 (or +336 1000 1026 from abroad), but from what customers have reported, it sometimes automatically redirects you to the French helpline.

 SFR online support in English is quite limited, but you may find some English threads on the SFR forum.

 Finally, you could go to an SFR boutique - an employee may be able to assist you in your language.

Contacting SFR by phone

If you wish to contact SFR over the phone, you will find you have several options available.

SFR Customer service in French

You will have a lot more chances to successfully contact SFR by dialling one of the French lines.

The standard customer service number is 1023, however you also can access 2 automated lines and a number to call from abroad, too.

Contacting SFR: the phone numbers
SFR Customer ServiceNumber
Automated line - mobile phones963 or 06 1000 1963
Automated line - internet0 805 701 801
Live customer service1023
From abroad+ 336 1000 1023

When dialling 1023 or the abroad number, we recommend ringing between 8am and 12pm, or between 2pm to 6pm, which are the less affluent slots and that will avoid you being put on hold for a while.

Want to start an SFR mobile phone or Internet contract? Call our English-speaking Selectra at +33 9 74 59 56 84 or ask for a free callback today, for free. Our team is here to help you find a package that will fit your needs and your budget.

SFR online customer service

If you are comfortable reading and writing in French, we recommend contacting SFR online, where customer support is likely to prove more efficient and quicker than over the phone, you'll avoid being put on hold.

 The SFR automated online assistance is open 24/7, via which you will find a wide range of FAQ and guides.

 You can otherwise reach the SFR online chat which is open between Monday and Saturday from 8am to 10pm, free of charge. Note that you need to connect to your online SFR account to access this service.

 SFR customers will also have access to many services via their SFR online personal space (Espace Client SFR). Simply connect to the platform using the username and password sent to you upon subscription. Namely, you can get assistance on the following matters:

fille sur le site SFR
  • Help with technical issues (Urgences et dépannage)
  • Tracking of your data consumption (Info Conso/Consommation en cours)
  • Access your bills and payments (Factures et Paiements)
  • Get special promotions or chnge your package (Offres & options)
  • Find info about phones and SIM cards (Mobile & Carte SIM) or broadband offers and devices (Offre & équipements)
  • Update your contact details (Contrat & coordonnées)
  • Get special client rewards (Avantages client)

If you're a social media savvy, why not try contacting SFR on social media? You should indeed get fast responses on either the SFR Facebook page or the SFR Twitter account.

Sending a letter to SFR

We don't recommend writing to SFR for general queries or issues, as it will take you a lot longer to get a response. This said, you will have to resort to this method in the case of a phone or broadband cancellation, or for official complaints.

Writing to SFR to cancel a mobile plan

To terminate an SFR phone contract, you have to send them a cancellation letter (lettre de résiliation SFR) by recommended post (avis de réception). Make sure it includes the following:

  • Your full name and contact details
  • Your SFR account number
  • Your SFR account ID
  • Preferred date of cancellation

Then, send it off to the following address:

Service Client SFR - Mobile
TSA 73917
62978 Arras Cedex 9

Writing to SFR to cancel a mobile plan

The process is the exact same as above for an SFR internet termination. Note that you have to give SFR a minimum of one month's notice to cancel an Internet plan, and that you will be charged a fine if you do so before the end of your contract.

The address in this case is:

Service Client SFR – box et Ligne Fixe
TSA 30144
94098 Creteil Cedex

Writing to SFR headquarters

Finally, if you need to send a letter to the SFR HQ, the address is:

1 Square Bela Bartok
75015 Paris