Free Mobile: How To Contact The Customer Service in France

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As a Free Mobile customer, you may have to contact your supplier at some point or another during your contract. Whether you have a query about your Free data plan, a problem with your Freebox or another query of sorts, we have compiled all the available means you can resort to in order to get in touch with the supplier's assistance service.


Free Mobile: Over-the-phone Customer Service

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The number to call to join Free depends on whether you are already a client or not, and where you are calling from.

Contacting the Free helpline as a Free client

Current Free clients can simply join the provider at 3244.

This number is available every day of the week, 8am to 10pm from Monday to Friday, 9am to 9pm on Saturdays and 9am to 7pm on Sundays. It is unavailable on December 25th, December 31st and January 1st.

You won't pay for this call if you call via a Free phone number.

Free Mobile does not offer English-Speaking assistance Make sure you acknowledge this fact before committing to a plan with Free, as if you aren't comfortable with communicating in French this may be a slight issue down the line. You may find help in English via the Free's News Group forum or its social media accounts Facebook and Twitter (more about that below).

Calling the Free helpline as a non-Free client

Not yet a Free Mobile customer? In this case, you will have to dial 1044. This number is free of charge for fixed lines and is available every day of the week.

You can use this number for queries regarding Free offers (the different Freeboxes, Free TV, Free mobile plans) or to sign up for a plan.

Contacting the Free Customer Service from abroad

The 3244 and 1044 numbers won't work if you are abroad.

Instead, to get in touch with a Free Mobile advisor, you should call +33 1 78 56 95 60.


Free Mobile: Online Customer Service

If you need to contact Free and prefer to do so via the Internet, Free fortunately has many options for you to get in touch with them online.

Read on to choose which works best for you.


 Firstly, you can download the Free Mobile app, "Mon compte pour Free-Mobile", available on iOS, Android and Amazon, which includes a video conferencing service to allow you to get in touch with a Free advisor directly. This system can also be used to access online assistance and follow your customer service requests.

 Secondly, you can get help with a query by going through the Free Mobile assistance service:

  • For a Free Mobile phone question, you have access to a large FAQ system that should cover the main concerns for all types of contracts and those not yet signed up to Free.
  • For a Free Mobile freebox question, you will be get answers to many queries for each type of Freebox models, whether or not you are a client yet.

 If you are already a customer, you can also notify an issue via your Free Mobile online account. the "Espace Abonné". You will need both your phone number and account password.

 You may also find answers to your questions on a Free online forum, known as "Newsgroups".

 Finally, you can attempt to get in touch with Free via social media, on either Twitter or Facebook.

How to contact Free Mobile in a physical store

If you would rather talk to a free advisor face-to-face, you can do so by going to a Free physical store, which are available nationwide (you just need to enter your postcode on the website to find the location nearest to where you live).

In these stores, you will be able to subscribe to a phone or broadband contract, ask questions about your current plan or get help with a technical issue.


Try to gather the following documents / information prior to your visit:

  • A proof of ID
  • A proof of address, if you want to subscribe to a contract
  • Your email address, if you want to subscribe to a contract
  • Your banking details, if you want to subscribe to a contract
  • Your Free login and password details, for a technical request.

How to contact Free Mobile by mail

If you don't have access to the internet and would prefer send a written request rather than taking over the phone, here are the Free Mobile mailing contact details.

Contacting Free via mail: the Customer Service address

To send a letter to the Free Mobile Customer Service (for a complaint, or a consumer request), address it to:

Service réclamation / Service National Consommateur / Service commercial
75371 Paris Cedex 08

Contacting Free via mail: the Headquarters address

To send a letter to the Free Mobile HQ, address it to:

16 rue de la Ville de L’Évèque
75008 Paris

Contacting Free via fax

Yes, you can do that too! To contact Free Mobile via fax, the number is: 0899 90 5000. The service costs €1.35 per call, and then €0.34 per minute.

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